About Fin Higgins

What makes Fin stand out from the real estate pack? Whilst outstanding results are part of the picture, along with a host of glowing client testimonials – the essence of his success is quite simple. Do the basics right! Fin likens his career to a trio of buckets, filled with empathy, ethics and energy. Ethics - flipping the focus of a payday on its head, Fin strives for achieving the best possible sale price for every home – a top result sits well with their values. Likewise, purchasers will be exposed to transparency, direct and honest feedback. He also believes his ‘non negotiable’ principles keep all parties on track – with the bi-product being satisfied clients and repeat business.


Empathy in this industry is appreciating the enormity of the real estate journey from both homeowner and buyer’s perspective. Fin has a natural ability to connect with people – all levels, budgets and personas! Intuitiveness and empathy have placed him at the top of the profession. A touch of perfectionism runs through him too, he is a tenacious goal-setter and known for his result driven nature. Finally, energy – boundless and infectious!

Blending the best of his skill sets with all that Bayleys has to offer, makes Fin a first choice real estate partner – whether buying or selling, give him a call today.